Our Mission + Vision

Haven Home exists to purchase and provide housing that advances the growth and goals of the individuals in our communities.

We believe that a home should be a haven and not a hindrance – that equitable and affordable housing is a human right. This world can and should exist. 

We accomplish our mission and vision by purchasing and renovating single-family homes, investing in communities that need it most, offering life coaching and financial literacy classes, helping individuals move from renting to home ownership, and truly walking alongside each person we serve.

To desegregate Affordable Housing, Haven Home will purchase and provide housing that will improve neighborhoods and transform lives through economic empowerment by creating a market-based solution.

  • Desegregate: We believe in the power of scattered housing, the majority of affordable housing is condensed into apartments or new construction neighborhoods consisting of only affordable housing, thereby excluding these neighbors. By creating inclusive housing that gets individuals back into communities we create a balanced mix of socioeconomic status, allowing communities to grow and help one another.
  • Improve Neighborhoods: there are an estimated 17 million vacant homes in America, this does not account for distressed homes or homes in disrepair. We plan to invest in these communities and bring their housing stock up to a quality standard while preserving affordability. 
  • Economic Empowerment: With fast growing rental rates and plummeting access to sustainable housing costs, we know that providing manageable housing costs is only one part of the equation. Providing career, financial, and life counseling is a vital and important part of our mission to change lives in a sustainable way.
  • Market-based Solution: We understand that in order to create the most impact we needed to create a sustainable model that could gain access to the capital required to scale our impact. Leveraging our background in Real Estate Operations, we are creating a solution that relies not only on charitable donations but also can access capital markets.